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Whether you need to quickly shred a large block of cheese for your brick oven pizzas, slice potatoes for frying, or grate parmesan for sprinkling over fresh garden salads, this 9" four sided heavy-duty stainless steel box grater is sure to quickly do the job.

What's more, each side features a different type of grater.

The teardrop shaped, extra coarse holes are used for shredding cheese into larger pieces while the medium ribbon holes are for shredding cheese into finer pieces.

The slicer is perfect for vegetables and the side with the outward protruding holes is used for fine grating.

Made of durable stainless steel, each grater is built to withstand years of use.

Featuring a hand grip at the top for safe and easy two-handed operation, and non-slip base for stability, this grater is built for ease-of-use and operator safety.

This multi-purpose grater can do more than shred cheese, it is extremely versatile and ready to be used in your commercial kitchen.