onion soup spoons, round bowl, Deluxe Windsor by World Tableware

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#660 016 Deluxe Windsor 5 7/8"     Perfect for onion soup!

18/0 stainless steel heavy weight bouillon spoon.

Featuring classic teardrop handles that are perfect for any occasion, the Deluxe Windsor collection offers an elegant look that your guests are bound to appreciate.

This item also boasts a dependable stainless steel construction for increased longevity.

Plus, its mirror finish lends a polished, professional appearance that's sure to leave a lasting impression!

Serve this bouillon spoon with your soups and stews to provide guests with an unforgettable dining experience.

Thanks to its 18/0 heavy weight construction, you can rest assured knowing that your investment is protected from staining associated with acidic foods and cleaning chemicals.

Plus, each piece in this versatile collection is perfectly weighted and balanced to feel comfortable in your patrons' hands.