rolling pin, tapered, "French" style stainless steel

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 Pre chill the rolling pin to keep sensitive dough cold. The tapered design pivots easily. It’s ideal for rolling out and flattening pie, cookie or biscuit dough, puff pastry and pizza crust

  • TAPERED HANDLE-FREE DESIGN pivots easily allowing for precise and consistent dough control with maximum maneuverability for rolling out pie and pastry dough cookies tarts quiche pizza fondants and more
  • HYGIENIC AND NON-POROUS sleek stainless steel rolling pin is easy to pre-chill so delicate dough stays cool while rolling and reduces dough from sticking to the roller prior to baking your favorite foods
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Professional style rolling pin is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup! Measures in at a generous 18-inch length and 1 25” diameter at widest point the perfect diameter for easy maneuverability
  • FAVORED BY BAKERS over American-style pins with handles French pins make rolling pastry dough easier and provide tactile feedback on dough condition