lime / lemon squeezer, acrylic

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Juicing has never been so convenient with this adorable clear plastic handheld citrus juicer!

It's sure to be a conversation starter, but it's also practical tableware.

Simply lift the level and insert a wedge of lemon or lime and then press firmly.

This handheld juicer is designed with a spout to contain the squeezed juice to dispense at your convenience.

This 2-inch tall citrus juicer measures 4.7 inches in length by 1.4 inches in width and has the capacity to hold up to 1.8 ounces of freshly squeezed juice.

This juicer is an elegant way to drizzle fresh citrus juice onto salads, beverages, and sweet and savoury entrees.

Impress your guest by setting a few of these lemon wedge squeezers around the table!

Accompany this free-standing handheld juicer with a bowl of lemon and lime wedges for an aesthetically-pleasing culinary display.