cast iron sportsman's grill / Hibatchi by Lodge, made in USA, "NEW"

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 21.5" long x 9.75" wide x 7" high

This rugged charcoal hibachi-style grill is perfect for picnics tailgating, camping or patio.

-Generously sized cooking grate lifts off for adding fresh coals as you keep cooking.

-Removable ashtray slides out to make clean-up easy.

-Comes with a set of steel Hook & Carry handles for a secure safe grip when lifting and moving around the campsite

The Sportsman’s Pro Grill


•Seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil

•Superior heat retention requires less charcoal

•Comes with a set of Steel Hook & Carry Handles

•Made in the USA


Mid February arrival

in-store pickup only please