coffee maker, Bistro B by Bodum

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  • Fill the removable hammer water tank directly from the tap
  • An easy-to-clean silicone "knob" prevents lime scale deposits for water from the
  • The B. Bistro uses a 1450 W heating element - With Glass Tube instead of plastic, it maintains the perfect brewing temperature
  • You never need to replace the titanium-plated, fine-meshed stainless steel filter
  • The premium brew flows into a Bodum double-walled stainless steel insulated jug with signature locking-lid keeping coffee hot for hours
The Bodum Bistro Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine with Thermal Carafe comes with a removable water tank, a powerful spiral heating element that brings the water close to a boil and keeps it there while transporting it through a glass pipe over to the coffee filter. There it gets distributed evenly over the ground coffee through an easy to clean shower head that’s made of plastic with an inside coating of silicone. It’s the silicone with its polished smoothness all through the shower holes that keeps chalk deposits at their absolute lowest and the hot water where it belongs – flowing unobstructed onto the ground beans and brewing excellent coffee.
POUR OVER COFFEE: BISTRO pour over coffee maker automates the popular pour over coffee brewing method; delicious coffee ready in less than 6 minutes, Battery: no battery used
SHOWER HEAD: A replacement to the traditional drip system, the rubber head showers water evenly over ground coffee beans for a balanced, flavorful cup
OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE: Spiral 1450 watt heating element heats water as it travels through the tempered glass tubing system to maintain heat without affecting the flavor of coffee
STAINLESS STEEL FILTER: No need for paper filters, the permanent, stainless steel filter is fine-meshed for ultimate aroma delivery and pure taste
THERMAL CARAFE: Stainless steel, double wall thermal carafe coffee maker keeps coffee hot without getting bitter