Copper Tango, 12" balloon whips, for egg whites etc.

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Chefs have known for centuries that egg white foams beaten in the presence of copper form superior, more voluminous and stable foams. Egg white foams created with the CopperTango whisk have every advantage as those beaten in a copper bowl, but you don’t need a heavy and expensive copper bowl to achieve them.

Instructions for Use:

Beat egg whites as normal but without using an egg white foam stabilizer, such as cream of tartar or another acid.

Care Instructions:

Dry immediately after washing to prevent water spots. Store in a dry place. As with all copper items, the CopperTango whisk will tarnish. Polish by rubbing vigorously with a quarter lemon (or other citrus) lightly dusted with salt. Immediately after polishing, wash thoroughly with soap and water and dry. Do not expose to bleach or to acids for prolonged periods of time.

These Copper Tango whips are the ultimate tools for any recipe calling for beaten eggs.

Chefs have known for centuries that eggs beaten in the presence of copper are more airy and pliable, and egg white foams are more voluminous and stable.

As whisking physically breaks apart the protein in eggs, copper prevents the broken protein from becoming “too sticky”, allowing for incorporation of much more air and a much more pliable, homogenous mixture.

Whole eggs beaten with copper are more airy, pliable, and generally easier to work with.

Scrambles and omelets will be fluffier and less likely to overcook, and cakes or other baked goods more airy and moist.

When making an egg white foam, the result will be more voluminous, stable, and generally superior foam.

These  Copper Tango whips will help you make fluffier eggs, loftier soufflés, moister cakes, and lighter more stable meringue and egg white foams

Made in USA