broiler brush, fine wire, 28" XHD, made in Canada

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This 28" Long-Handled Curved Grill Cleaning Brush is designed with an ergonomic steel handle which makes it easy to reach deep into the back of ovens and far across any large grill.

Offered in the less aggressive round carbon steel wires, this curved handle broiler brush features a Canadian hardwood head with fine steel wires for vigorous cleaning and long life with no wire breakage.

The curved handle allows the user to apply greater pressure and chisel away burnt-on food. It's ideal for broiler grills and grooved griddle surfaces. Made in Canada with North American steel wires and a stainless steel curved handle.


  • Length: 28", Brush Width: 7"
  • Brush material: Carbon Steel
  • Fill type: Round Wire
  • Stainless steel handle