butane stove, 12,000 BTU, Iwatani, made in Japan

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This Iwatani ZA-3HP unit:

  • produces a lot of power (12,000 Btu/h at max output which is more than enough to stir-fry or to sear steaks; most other portable butane stoves produce ~7,500 Btu/h; by comparison, the largest burner on cheap full-size natural gas stoves is ~9,000 Btu/h)
  • has automatic safety shutoff
  • piezoelectric igniter means no need for a separate lighter (doesn’t require batteries; when you rotate the burner’s dial, it deforms a piece of what looks like ceramic near the burner which throws off a spark to ignite the butane; the bottom line is that this is a safe and reliable igniter)
  • comes with a black plastic case
  • is CSA approved for commercial indoor use (think hot pot restaurants) or Korean BBQ