cocktail bar spoon, deluxe

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Long, Twisted Handle, 12"

While its long length makes it great for use with tall mixed drinks, its twisted handle guarantees a firm grip and control over the utensil. It's sure to be an essential, go-to tool for bartenders at trendy bars and restaurants.

Weighted End

The weighted end on this bar spoon is designed to provide optimal balance and comfort while in use. So during the busiest happy hours and events, you can still mix up great drink after great drink comfortably.



A bar spoon is a long-handled spoon used in bartending for mixing and layering of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks.

Its length ensures that it can reach the bottom of the tallest jug or tumbler to mix ingredients directly in the glass.[1]

A bar spoon holds about 5 millilitres of liquid (the same as a conventional teaspoon).

Its long handle is similar to an iced tea spoon, but is usually decorative and elegant – some variations mimic large swizzle sticks, with a disc at one end.

The shaft is typically thin and threaded so that the fingers can easily grip and rotate the spoon.[2][3]