pizza oven brush, fine wire, 47" XHD, made in Italy

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GI Metal Azzurra AC-SP/120 Brass Bristle Brush Professional brush with brass bristles and rear stainless steel scraper.

  • Aluminium anodized handle.
  • The brass bristles allow fast and more efficient cleaning of refractory stone from food residues, flour, or ash.
  • The swivel head of the brush allows reaching any area of the oven.
  • The rear scraper in stainless steel allows removing any residues burnt onto the cooking floor of the oven.
  • Size: Length: 47" Head: 8x2.5"
  • Durable brass bristles gently clean without ruining pizza stones
  • Head is adjustable and replaceable
  • Built-in scraper can remove any residues burnt on to the stones