decorating / stencil mat by de Buyer, "Faux Wood"

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de Buyer Elastomoule 3D Decorating Mat. Faux Bois/Faux Wood pattern 14" x 22"by De Buyer

•deBuyer Elsatomoule Decorating Mat is a remarkable innovation for the food industry for confectioners, bakers, caterers, chocolate makers, and chefs!
•Easy for turning out cakes, naturally anti-adhesive, resistant to high temperatures, offering a capacity equal to surface dimensions, the Elastomoule Decorating Mat gives a quicker cooking time and excellent carmelization of juices
•Extremely time-saving, better cooking results, easy to use,
Can be used for baking or freezing
•Ideal for decorating cakes, chocolate, pastries, sugar, nougat, fruit jelly, etc.
Will withstand temperatures from 90ºF to 580ºF (-70ºC-300ºC)