MAC Kitchen snips, top quality! ( KS-63 )

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These snips were specially designed for restaurant chefs who do delicate work with herbs, shellfish, and small game birds. 
These snips feature a micro-serrated edge on one blade and a polished, razor-sharp edge on the other blade for excellent grip on slippery shellfish shells while providing a smooth cut. 
Unlike most snips this size which use a rivet to hold the blades together, these stainless steel blades are held together by an adjustable nut so that you can maintain tight blade-to-blade contact. 
The universal handle is ideal for right and left-handers and the light weight results in fatigue-free cutting. 
Perfect for removing meat from crab and lobster legs. 
Although these snips were designed for kitchen work, they can be used in any environment where a good pair of lightweight, sharp scissors are needed. 
Great for trimming flower stems, as part of a sewing kit, cutting fishing line, or for arts and crafts projects. 
This item is made in Taiwan.