off-set s/s spatulas, black plastic handle

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4.25-Inch Offset Spatula by Mercer Culinary

No matter what you have to ice, decorate, or smooth, Mercer Culinary has a spatula the size and shape you need for the job.

This 4.25-Inch Offset Spatula is perfect for spreading batter in a cake pan and frosting the top of a cake.

The offset design will keep your fingers elevated out of the frosting while the molded polypropylene handle gives you a sure grip.

The blade is made of precision-ground stainless steel to provide perfect flexibility, and at 4.25” it’s ideal for frosting the top layer of a celebration cake or an individual cake.

If you just haven’t been able to produce a beautifully frosted cake, try this commercial offset spatula by Mercer Culinary—you’ll see what difference perfect flexibility makes!