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Brass pepper mill ALEXANDER #720, 721 & 722 with rotating tops for grinding, have a hundred percent metal mechanism, 48mm diameter, with 3DCut system, designed to really grind the peppercorns and not just smash them, maximizing the flavour and aroma.

Adjustable mechanism between fine and coarse grinding to suit your needs

Grind the pepper directly over food.

Each mill provides an amazing amount of room for you to fill it with your favourite dry seasoning.

Also Alexander pepper mills #720, 721 & 722 have large mechanisms and rotating tops for grinding and with this a higher speed is achieved in grinding (about 1/4 of a turn per dose).

It is characterized by its robust construction and its professional functionality.

The grinding is done in three steps (3DCut):
1st: Grabs and cracks each peppercorn and breaks it in half
2nd: Cuts them into smaller pieces
3rd: Sends them to the small teeth and grinds them to the selected thickness

Handcrafted Greek products that meets specific standards of high quality and functionality.

The Alexander Mills are a tried and tested product that have been in the market since 1977.
They consistently receive positive reviews for use and durability.

An ideal tool for any chef but also for home users.

Mechanism description

3DCut grinding system
Tool metal grinding mechanism adjusts from fine to coarse
Metal shaft 10mm / 0.4″ diameter
Metal mechanism 48mm / 1.9″ diameter

Mill description
Large rotating top 70mm for easy grinding
Durable nickel-matte plated brass body
Body diameter 50mm / 2″
Body thickness 1mm / 0.04″

Use: Pepper
Made in Greece