pizza peels, turning style, s/s, 8" diameter ( in store pick up only )

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GI Metal I-20F/120 Azzurra 8” Stainless Steel Perforated Round Pizza Peel with 59” Handle

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Perforated head for easily releasing flour
  • Thinly milled around most of the edge
  • Base grip and sliding grips made of high-density polymer 
  • Head and handle attached by three large rivets that reduce vibration


Easily and smoothly rotate and remove pizzas from the oven when they’re finished cooking with the GI Metal I-20F/120 Azzurra 8” Stainless Steel Perforated Round Pizza Peel with a 59” Handle.

Pizza artisans that work to prepare hundreds of pizzas everyday require a high quality tool that saves time and reduces fatigue in order to deliver the best and most consistent results every time. This GI Metal pizza peel is an easy to use and long-lasting tool that will act as a natural extension of your arm.

This pizza peel is constructed out of stainless steel making it incredibly durable and long-lasting. Stainless steel pizza peels are extremely resistant to high heat and impacts that occur while maneuvering pizza between the prep table and the oven. The handle features two grips made of a high-density polymer. One grip is stationary and remains at the top while the other is able slide up and down the handle in order to better control the peel. The sliding grip can be positioned right up against the stationary one so that when the pizza peel is hanging with its head down, the grip can be easily accessed and moved into a more sturdy and comfortable position immediately.

The peel’s small round head features a thinly milled edge that makes it easier to slide under pizza. The round shape allows for a larger portion of the edge to be milled, therefore letting you easily pick up pizza from all sides while providing you with excellent control when rotating and moving the pizza inside the oven. It also features perforations that make the peel lighter while reducing friction to allow excess flour to fall off easily, keeping your oven clean while preventing smoke and bitter tasting crust.

This pizza peel has an 8” head and comes attached to a 59” long handle that’s ideal for large professional electric ovens. The handle and head metals overlap each other at the joint and get secured with three large rivets that keep the pieces from moving and vibrating while in use, making it more comfortable to manage over long hours.

Model I-20F
Head Diameter 8 inches / 20 cm
Handle Length 59 inches / 119 cm
Overall Length 67 inches / 139.7 cm
Head Type Perforated
Head Material Stainless Steel
Handle Material Stainless Steel / Polymer
Shape Round
Type Pizza Peel