pot rack, oval, 60", hammered steel, Enclume (pick up only)

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Handcrafted in the USA

The center of the ceiling rack has a metal grid that allows larger pots and pans to be hung in the center of the rack with utensils and smaller items around the perimeter.

For even more storage, the center grid also serves as the base of a shelf on which to place kitchen essentials that can not be hung.

The Oval Rack with Grid is more than just a place to hang your pots, it’s a striking addition to any kitchen.

Hanging is a preferable manner of storage for quality cookware, so Enclume offers a variety of ways for hanging storage and display of all of your cookware from saucepans to ladles. 

Its classic look makes this a showcase for your warm and inviting kitchen while being a practical storage solution. 

in store pick up only, floor model

59.5" x 20" x 21"