salad spinner, 5 L, Dynamic, made in France

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Dry 1 to 2 lettuce heads quickly!
  • Antibacterial incorporated (biocide treated), complies with the HACCP requirements.
  • Certified to NSF / ANSI 2-2009: North American Health standard certifying that the product meets strict requirements of quality and safety.
  • Fast and efficient, it respects the product’s fragility.
  • Heavy duty construction for an intensive daily use.
  • Outside container, top and inner basket in Polypropylene (Food-safe plastic).
  • Aluminum handle.
  • Hygiene : Anti-bacterial incorporated, complies with HACCP requirements.
  • Comfort : 100% watertight to avoid water leakage.
  • Performance : Intensive use.
  • Robustness: Gear with a stainless steel pin incorporated

Appliance diameter 275 mm
Height 342 mm
Actual weight 1,6 KG


To clean, simply remove the top and inner basket from the outside container.

Wash all three components thoroughly with a mild liquid soap.

Rinse with hot water as to remove all soap residues.

Let dry.

Do not put in the dishwasher.