sausage stuffer, 5kg / 11lbs, made in Italy, all S/S

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The Vitantonio Horizontal 2 Speed Sausage Stuffer all stainless steel, 5kg/ 11lbs

If you are looking to make the perfect homemade wurst, frankfurters, pepperoni or kielbasa then look no further.

Vitantonio has a great selection of sausage stuffers that will easily produce perfect sausages that will yield the best appearance and bite!

Main cylinder is of stainless steel construction with a stainless steel housing

Complete with a single speed screw drive plunger making sausage stuffing simple and efficient

All stuffers are equipped with a set of four filling funnels

Stainless steel meat cylinder and body

Crafted with metal gears for reduction and multiplication of the piston speed, so as to make the sausage filling operations (slow) and the extraction of the piston at the end of the work (quick) faster and easier

11 pounds

Made in Italy with a 2 year warranty