Vitamix, Vita-Prep drive socket kit, made in USA

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Vitamix 891 Details

This Vitamix 891 blender drive socket includes 1 drive socket designed to replace a lost or damaged drive socket that originally came with your Vitamix blending machine.

Quick and easy to install, the drive comes with an allen key required for installation.

The drive socket couples the blender motor with the blade assembly to enable blade rotation and control. It also protects the motor from being damaged when the blade assembly is blocked.

This drive socket is compatible with the following Vitamix blender models: The Quiet One, Blending Station advance, T&G 2, Drink Machine Advance, Drink Machine Two-Speed, Vita-Prep 3, and Vita-Prep.

Get your blender back up and running in no time with this replacement drive socket!

Kit Includes
- 1 Drive socket
- 1 Allen key