espresso machine, automatic, by Vitantonio made in Italy

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Enjoy a great cup of espresso: every single time with the Cervello Espresso Machine. Highly advanced and built with a sleek modern design, the Cervello Automatic Espresso Machine takes all the guess work out of the perfect home brewed cup of Espresso and looks good doing it. Furthermore it is designed to easily produce exceptional and consistent results with every use, and thanks to it’s simple touch-screen interface the Vitantonio Cervello Espresso Machine is an incredibly easy and stress-free machine to operate.

Of course beyond the Vitantonio Cervello Espresso Machine’s sheer ease of use it is also is a highly versatile machine. Espresso is just the tip of the iceberg as the Cervello Espresso Machine is also capable of creating the perfect cappuccinos, lattes and Americanos to sate any desire for the liquid gold that is coffee. 

As for the particular features of the Cervello Automatic Espresso Machine, this unit is available in both black and white models and features an adjustable coffee spout and a cup warmer for your drinking convenience. The Cervello Espresso Machine also comes with one of Vitantonio’s Quiet Ceramic Burr Grinders allowing you to enrich and taste the full delectable flavor of your chosen coffee beans in whatever style of coffee you prefer. Finally Vitantonio has come up with the ultimate convenience by adding on their patented Self-Cleaning Brew Unit guaranteeing you will NEVER even have to think about cleaning your espresso machine again.

Cervello Espresso Machine features:
• Adjustable coffee spout
• Cup warmer
• Quiet Burr Grinder
• 1 year warranty. We fulfill the warranty 100%.
• Italian Made
• Available in black and white

Between a stylish machine and the first class coffee it is never a bad idea to serve it in a set that does the coffee justice. With this Buongirno Authentic Italian Style Espresso Cup Set you are all set to enjoy that rich freshly brewed espresso. Just like the Cervello Espresso Machine itself this Italian made set comes with everything you need to ensure a pleasant time whether you are entertaining a good friend or simply enjoying a quiet evening to yourself.

Simple operation, thanks to our touch screen with interface. Adjustable coffee spout. Cup warmer. Quiet Ceramic Burr Grinder. Creates the perfect espresso, cappuccinos, lattes and Americanos. Self cleaning patented brew unit.