flavour injector set, 6 piece, s/s

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"A high-grade stainless steel meat marinade injector needle that won't easily clog, bend, or break.

Meat syringe is perfect for intensifying the flavour of beef, pork, turkey, and large pieces of meat, the sharp needles puncture any meat, ensuring you can taste the enriched delicious food


1.Product sharp, careful to use, stored in children can not reach the place.

2.Please use the timely cleaning, easy to use the next time Marinade injector for infusing great-tasting flavour into meat, enjoy the pleasure by creating flavoursome and perfectly cooked grills, roasts and barbecue, a gift every master chef or grill enthusiast would be happy to receive

Every Outset product are meticulously crafted under very strict testing standards, guaranteeing the quality of each part of the products.

We hope everyone will enjoy it.

  1. Made from 304 HIGH GRADE STAINLESS STEEL, Grill Beast's meat injector is perfect for intensifying the flavour.
  1. A 2-OUNCE BARREL minimizes refills, a sturdy marinade injector plunger offers improved pressure control.
  1. THREE SPECIALLY DESIGNED MARINATE INJECTION NEEDLES allows for deep penetration and even distribution so every bite contains an explosion of flavour.