glass chiller & sanitizer, Thrill F1 PRO

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Sanitize & chill glassware in seconds 

Thrill is a brilliant machine that sanitizes glassware in seconds and keeps drinks cooler longer, neither watering down nor altering the flavor and aroma of beverages. A glass that has been properly cleaned and sanitized enhances the overall taste experience. The invisible residue that remains after washing may adulterate the taste and odor of drinks, compromising the quality of the products served. With Thrill, it takes just a few seconds to thoroughly sanitize and chill the glass, leaving the product completely free of any unpleasant odors or aftertaste, allowing for a truly unique tasting experience.

Effectively sanitize and keep the beverages you serve cooler for longer with the Thrill Vortex Tabletop Glass Chiller and Sanitizer.

Ice makers and bins that aren’t cleaned regularly can harbour bacteria that gets transferred to the ice you serve in your drinks. The Thrill Vortex kills over 88% of bacteria present on drinking glasses in just seconds by blasting them with liquid carbon dioxide. This process neither waters down or alters the taste of the drinks you serve.

The Thrill can sanitize a range of glassware including tiny shot glasses, wine glasses, pilsner glasses, and even extra large pitchers or carafes made of glass or food grade plastic.

Depending on the type of drink you’re serving, the Thrill can cool the glass or freeze it down to -40°C, while still remaining operable even under extremely cold temperatures.

Made entirely of stainless steel, this glass chiller and sanitizer is extremely quiet and can be operated with just one hand.