gourmet slotted spatula, by Wusthof, made in Germany, #4433

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The Wusthof 4433 slotted spatula has a thin, flexible blade that can separate delicate fish fillets from the pan without tearing or flaking the flesh. Its long, open slots drain grease and moisture away from food as it's lifted from the pan, so it doesn't become soggy while resting. Users can slide the thin, high-carbon steel blade under freshly baked cookies to move them from a cookie sheet to a cooling rack without breaking them, while the polyoxymethylene handle creates a secure grip.

Product Details

  • Thin, flexible blade made of high-carbon stainless steel
  • Precise, laser-cut shape
  • Wide slots enable drainage when lifting food from a pan
  • Good for moving and flipping delicate foods such as fish, crêpes, and cookies
  • Handle is made of high-strength polyoxymethylene
  • 6.5-in. length

Spatula/Fish Turner, 6.5" x 3" blade, slotted, stamped, polyoxymethylene handle, stain resistant, laser cut blade, high carbon stainless steel, Made in German