Grill basket, 12" by Lodge, made in USA

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Keep veggies, fish, and other fragile foods on your grill with the Lodge Dual-Handled Grill Basket.

This perforated sauté basket is naturally seasoned with vegetable oil and is spatula friendly, making it easy to grill shrimp, onions, and and other small delicacies that would otherwise slip between your grill grates.

Dual handles make it easy to lift and move around on the grill.

Use the Lodge Dual-Handled Grill Basket on your charcoal or propane grill – or use it over an open fire.

Contains fragile and small foods on the grill or over an open fire

  • Naturally seasoned with vegetable oil
  • Can be scraped with a spatula
  • Twin handles for easy lifting
  • made in USA