heart shaped food molds, s/s, by Ateco

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  • Professional quality heart shaped form in S/S
  • Use to form desserts, salads and other foods

  • Measures 3-inches wide by 1.25-inches high
  • By Ateco, professional quality and quality design since 1905
  • The Ateco 4900 3-inch Stainless Steel Heart Shaped Form is high enough to keep food and fruit within the mold and can easily be removed from the rings when ready to serve.

  • Its plain solid shape keeps all the food together for a clean precise presentation.

  • To prevent food waste and maintain a stylish plating presentation, this item ensures portion control and enhances plating presentation.

  • This can also be used to cut pastries into decorative heart shapes and is vital for bakeries and cafes.

  • It is recommended that this mold should be hand-washed and dried after each use to preserve quality.