ice cream bar mold, silicone made in Italy

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SteccoFlex Ice Cream Bar Molds, are professional silicone molds for creating ice cream bars on a stick.
Using this high quality silicone molding system from Italy, you can quickly and reliably create elegant eye-catching ice cream bars.

Made of food-safe 100% platinum silicone.
Effortless unmoulding of product, because of the silicones non-stick qualities and semi-flexible form.
Temperature range from -76F to +446F degrees (-60 to +230C), can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, blast freezer, microwave and oven.

3 fluid ounces  (90ml)
Dimensions:  3 5/8" width, 1 7/8" height, 1 depth  (93 x 48.5 h x 25 mm)
12 ice cream molds
2 pieces with plastic support and serving tray.
50 wooden sticks

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