oyster board with opener, the "wedge" made in France

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Thanks to the oyster wedge oyster opening is done without risk. The fingers are protected and the oysters are well opened, without pieces of shell which could spoil the meal.

The oyster wedge holds the oyster easily. It sits on a table and is held firmly with one hand. Equipped with a place to put the oyster, it is judiciously inclined to contain the mollusc without it slipping on the table.

The rosewood lancet easily opens the oyster, thanks to its short and rigid blade. The ergonomic rosewood handle provides excellent grip for safe openings.

Without forcing, with maximum safety for the hands, this set can be used by right-handers and left-handers. For the end-of-year celebrations, starters for Christmas and New Year's Eve meals, oysters are an excellent, healthy and tasty food. Thanks to the oyster wedge with rosewood lancet , the risk of injury due to the opening of the oysters is minimized.

French made.