PACOJET 2 PLUS, Swiss made

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  • NEW Programmable automatic repeat function
  • NEW blade locking system ensures that the pacotizing® blade “Gold-PLUS” is securely anchored
  • NEW pacotizing® “Gold-Plus” offers an even more durable alternative for heavy users with its titanium-hardened blade (2 times more life than the standard blade)
  • Intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • Four calibratable processing modes: pacotizing, cutting/chopping, mixing and cleaning
  • Application specific portioning: process entire beakers at once or work micro-portion specific
  • Rescue function for processing overfilled beakers
  • Powerful motor, with up to five-years of warranty
  • Processing food with or without over-pressure
  • Portion counter to monitor utility to date
  • Simple, display-guided, system cleaning
  • Included accessories: 2 Pacotizing beakers, 2 Beaker lids, Spray guard, Protective outer beaker, Pacotizing blade “Gold-PLUS” (only compatible to Pacojet 2 PLUS), Cleaning insert (blue), Sealing ring (blue), Rinsing insert (green), Spatula, International recipe book 2 PLUS