pastry bags, 20", disposable, 110/box

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Our NEW disposable 20" pastry bags from EXNOX are offered in a roll of 110 units in a distributing box.

The 20" pastry bag is a one size fits all products... NO need to carry 18" or 21" bags anymore.

They are flexible, sturdy and are easy and comfortable to use. They can be used for light cream or heavier products.

They have an outside non-slip finish which makes it very easy to handle. They are transparent making it easy to see the product your piping.

Our pastry bags are easy to open and fill. The smooth inner wall enables an effortless extraction of products such as creams, pastes, ganaches, mayonnaises, coulis or any other products that you wish to bag. The exterior surface makes it comfortable to hold.

Our pastry bags are sterilized and perfectly hygienic. They are compatible with any types of tips whether for decoration or stuffing.

Useful, the 110 bags roll is offered with its distributing box that allows an easy extraction and will maintain the bags protected when not in use.

  • Dimensions: 50 x 25 cm (20" x 10")
  • Thickness: 80 microns / 0.08mm (0.00315")
  • Plastic Material: PBA, PVC free
  • Non-Slip finish
  • Very strong and flexible
  • Odourless and Odour resistant
  • Packaging: 110 units roll within a distributing box.