pizza pan, black steel, Pizza Genius by Crown made in Canada

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Non-Stick Round Pizza Genius Pan Deep 12'' X 1 1/2''

The Non-Stick Round Pizza Genius Pan will change the way you cook! It is a secret blend of steel, coated with more alloyed metals and finally coated with a Black Steel Release coating.

Some suggestions to yield restaurant quality pizza results:

  • use cornmeal on the base of the pan to create a stone-baked like crust in the oven
  • Simply add some oil to get a perfect crispy crust

Pizza is just the beginning of what you can make in this transformational pan. 

  • broil burgers to perfection 
  • fantastic for chicken wings 
  • fantastic for crispy potatoes
  • roast meats and vegetables with ease

Easy cleaning non-stick commercial finish!

  • Hand wash with hot soapy water is suggested 
  • Avoid abrasive scrub brushes
  • Avoid using metal utensils 

Made in Canada