Puig Pull, wine opener, made in Spain

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  • Designed to work like a car jack, this Puigpull waiter's corkscrew with black enameled handle makes it easy to remove corks quickly and efficiently.
  • This corkscrew is perfect for restaurants, wineries, and catered events.
  • A built-in foil cutter effortlessly cuts through foil, while a non-stick coated open spiral worm is designed to glide through the cork, minimizing crumbling while preserving the quality of your finest wines.

    This corkscrew's ratchet design opens bottles with ease.
  • To use, start by cutting the foil under the lip of the bottle using the built-in foil cutter.
  • Remove the foil, then insert the worm into the cork and turn to secure the corkscrew.
  • Rest the stainless steel boot lever on the lip of the bottle, then ratchet the handle to extract the cork from the bottle.
  • Works like a car jack to extract corks from wine bottles
  • Perfect for restaurants, wineries, and catered events
  • Built-in foil cutter cuts through foil
  • Non-stick coated open spiral worm glides through the cork, minimizing crumbling
  • Stainless steel boot lever offers added leverage
  • Sleek black enameled handle