Robot Coupe R2N CLR 1 hp Combination Processor - 3 Qt. (12 Cup)

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Easily manage all of your establishment’s food processing needs with the convenient two-in-one Robot Coupe R2N CLR Combination Processor.

Combining the functions of a bowl cutter and vegetable preparation machine in one convenient unit, the R2N CLR combination processor features both a cutter attachment for mixing and processing foods as well as a vegetable prep attachment for slicing and grating produce in a number of different ways.

The R2N CLR is the perfect food processor for restaurants, caterers, and other institutions like schools or office cafeterias.

Heavy-Duty Bowl Cutter

The cutter attachment features a heavy-duty clear polycarbonate 3 qt batch bowl with a handle for easily moving processed ingredients to a food pan or storage container.

The smooth stainless steel “S” blade included is ideal for fine or coarse mincing of ingredients as well as making sauces and emulsifying foods. Coarse and fine serrated blades can also be purchased separately and used with the R2N CLR.

The clear lid allows you to see everything inside ensuring you don’t over- or under-mix.

Versatile Vegetable Preparation Machine

The vegetable prep attachment is compatible with a large range of 23 stainless steel discs. You’ll be able to slice, ripple cut, grate, and shred all types of fruits and vegetables. This unit comes equipped with a 2 mm grating and 4 mm slicing disc so you can begin using it right away.

Two hoppers give you the versatility of efficiently slicing up any sized fruit or vegetable. The large kidney-shaped hopper that measures 12 square inches, is meant for bulkier items like cabbage and celery. The smaller cylindrical hopper has a diameter of 2 1/4 inches and is the perfect size for cutting up narrow or delicate vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and mushrooms.

The vertical pushers included ensure cuts are uniform while protecting workers hands and fingers when processing large quantities of food.

Efficient and Durable Design

A 1 HP direct drive induction motor powers the R2N CLR allowing it to produce 10-30 meals per service. It also has the capability to make mayonnaise, steak tartare, or carrot puree in under two minutes!

This processor is extremely simple to use with only three buttons to turn the machine on, off, and pulse ingredients to ensure better precision.

The motor shaft is stainless steel, increasing its durability as well as making it easy to clean.

Model R2N CLR
Width 8.75 inches
Depth 15.75 inches
Height 19.25 inches
Voltage 120V
Hertz 60 Hertz
Phase 1 Phase
Amps 7 Amps
Horsepower 1 HP
RPM 1725 rpm
Speeds 1 Speed
Bowl Size 3 Qt
Bowl Style Clear Polycarbonate
Type Food Processor