salt mill, brass / copper, 8" by Alexander, #418

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Salt mill ALEXANDER #418, it’s made of copper and has some beautiful brass details
on the top and on its base.
Equipped with a strong food safe plastic mechanism (40% glass), 38mm diameter and
stainless-steel shaft to prevent corrosion, with 3DCut system, designed to really grind the salt and not
just smash it, maximizing its flavor and aroma.
Common salt mills only smash the salt which severely limits the flavor release.
Each mill provides plenty of room for you to fill it with your favorite kind of salt.
Grind directly over the food.

The grinding is done in three steps (3DCut):
1st: Grabs and cracks the salt and breaks it in half
2nd: Cuts it into smaller pieces
3rd: Sends it to the small teeth and grinds it fast and perfect

Handcrafted Greek product that meets specific standards of high quality and functionality.
The Alexander Mills are a tried and tested product that have been in the market since 1977.
They consistently receive positive reviews for use and durability.
A special tool for every kitchen.

Mechanism description

3DCut grinding system
Food safe plastic mechanism (40% glass) 38mm / 1.5″ diameter
stainless-steel shaft to prevent corrosion, 8mm / 0.3″ diameter

Mill description

Durable polished copper-brass body
Long arm makes grinding easy
Open bottom
Flanged base for stability
Body diameter 40mm / 1,6″
Body thickness 1mm / 0.04″
Height 205mm / 8″
Weight 450gr
Use: Salt
Made in Greece

*Matching pepper mill model 413