smoke infuser for food & drinks, portable

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  • Easy smoking for full flavor: simply fill smoker with wood chips, teas, herbs, spices, dried flowers or even hay, and ignite; infuse natural smoky flavors to food and drinks or cheese and cocktails
  • Designed for flavor: state-of-the-art smoker fan dissipates heat and cools smoke as it leaves the nozzle, imparting only flavor and preventing over-cooking
  • Battery operated: leave the big smoker at home for the next tailgate; the outset portable infusion smoker is battery operated and ready to go at the push of a button (4 aa batteries not included)
  • Easy storage: you don't need a large storage room, garage or shed to enjoy smoky flavor; keep the outset portable infusion smoker anywhere including in cabinets, pantries, RV's, or vacation homes
  • Explore your taste buds - to experience a sizzling beef rib steak, well done pork shoulder, tasty pastrami or game birds with a twist, just smoke it grab a beer and enjoy food at its finest