spaetzle set, "Swabian style", made in Germany

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  • Classic spaetzle set consisting of a wooden board and a stainless steel scraper for the traditional production of hand-scraped spaetzle
  • Wooden board with bevelled edge for easy scraping spaetzle dough, can also be used as a chopping board or trivet, long handle for excellent grip, hanging eyelet for space-saving storage on the wall
  • Scraper made of stainless steel with typical slanted cutting edge for precisely scraping and cutting dough, easy to use due to curved, sturdy handle
  • Easy cleaning of the wooden board by hand, stainless steel scraper dishwasher safe
  • Contents: 1x Westmark spaetzle board + scraper set, dimensions: board 32 x 14 x1 cm, scraper 12.3 x 11.3 x 2.1cm, material: wood/stainless steel, colour: natural/silver, 61162240