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Wine Cellar Express is a patented scientific discovery that miraculously ages your wine to perfection in 30 minutes.

The Wine Cellar Express dramatically reduces harsh tannins generally present in young red wines.

The magnetic field “softens”; or reduces these tannins in much the same way that aging a wine for several years would eventually accomplish.

By utilizing only the coaster, what took years, takes 30 minutes.

In just moments your wine is softer, silkier, unmasking luscious layers of fruit flavors.

Young, tight wines “open up” the aroma goes from negligible to nose worthy, revealing the true character in each bottle.

Will also improve the flavor and balance of port, sherry, brandy, cognac and other barrel aged spirits.

Wines, due to their varied characteristics will show subtle to a quite remarkable change when treated with the Wine Cellar Express.

The more tannin the more dramatic the difference.

Now, utilizing only the Wine Cellar Express coaster, wine lovers around the world can enjoy the best in each bottle.